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PetroTech 2000 Customer Kudos

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“As the mechanic for Mission Linen Fleet Service in Salinas, I’ve chosen to use Petro Tech in approximately 75% of the sixty trucks in their fleet.

The results are that I’ve not experienced any engine failures in the trucks in which I’ve been using this product. Due to the exceptional results, I intend to continue to use Petro Tech.

This is a product that has saved my company time and money by protecting motors, thus preventing costly replacements.

Thank you for your quality product.”

Dave Mitchell, Salinas, CA

Re: Evaluation of a Chevy 350 engine treated with Petro Tech 2000 Dry Film Lubricant:

“After extensive inspection to an engine with 105,000 miles on it, I was impressed with the reduction of wear to this engine. Used as recommended, the product has shown itself to
provide impressive engine protection and extend engine life.”

Dimas Albert
Hartnell College Auto Technology Instructor

“As an owner/operator of six 18-wheelers, I have used PT 2000 engine treatment in my trucks for the last four years. There has been a dramatic decrease in both maintenance expenses, truck downtime and measurable improved fuel mileage.

I highly recommend PT 2000 to any fleet operator interested in operating more effectively and saving money

They also provided me with several suggestions to streamline my trucks. My truck now weights one ton less and I can carry one ton more.

Thank you for all of your suggestions.”

William Colvin
Bilco Transportation, Inc.

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