A Petro Tech 2000 client recently made the following comment to his Dealer, Richard Losee: “Why wouldn’t someone spend a mere $45 for a quart of PetroTech that can potentially save them $10,000 dollars on an engine rebuild.?”

As one might imagine, Richard’s response was an emphatic, “I can’t think of any possible reason NOT to.”

Typically, with our busy schedules, we don’t get the opportunity to consider all of the potential preventative measures we could apply to the care of our automobiles.

Remember the old adage, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”? The proactive approach means that your car is less likely to leave you stranded from a roadside breakdown.

Petro Tech 2000 dry-film lubricant is just one of the many products designed specifically to reduce your maintenance costs.

With all of it’s benefits, it seems a small price to pay for your driving peace of mind.


Whether you live and drive in the sweltering tropics, or the frigid cold of Alaska, no one enjoys being stranded with a boiling-over radiator or a frozen engine block.

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Petro Tech 2000 is a product that has exhibited proven results. When added (per the recommended directions) to your engine, it:

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With fuel prices on the rise, not everyone can take advantage of the automotive hybrid trend sweeping the nation. Short of parking our vehicles in the garage, what can we us do to stretch our fuel investment?

One very inexpensive and simple measure is to create a more efficient running engine through the use of engine-oil treatments such as Petro Tech 2000 dry film lubricant.

Unlike gas additives, Petro Tech 2000 is added once yearly or every 25,000 miles. At a mere $45 (U.S.), who can’t afford to boost their mileage?

According to Richard Losee, a Petro Tech Dealer, after adding the dry-film lubricant (per the recommended directions), an average driver can expect to see anywhere from 5%-10% improvement in fuel performance. Extend that out over a year’s time, and it’s easy to see the potential savings.

As an additional, side benefit of using Petro Tech 2000 in your engine, while reducing your fuel costs, you are actually INCREASING horsepower.

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