How to Use PetroTech 2000

Petro Tech 2000™ engine treatment is a three-step process that cleans and creates a bonded dry film lubricant coating to internal combustion engine surfaces.

Use a high quality engine cleaner, prior to your next oil change. It can be purchased at your local auto parts store. Follow the instructions for best results.


Remove the oil and filter after using the engine cleaner. Install the new filter and replace the drain plug. Add your regular oil and substitute one quart with Petro Tech 2000™. SHAKE PETRO-TECH 2000 VIGOROUSLY UNTIL ALL THE INGREDIENTS ARE BLENDED WITH THE BASE OIL. NOTE: flush the residue from the bottle by rinsing it with the new oil.


Take a 15-20 minute drive — the car must be driven under normal load conditions after finishing oil change. The heat of the engine acts as catalysts for the Petro Tech 2000™ to adhere to the engine parts.

NOTE: For best results, keep your engine protected with PetroTech 2000 by repeating this process (or using PetroTech 2000 can significantly enhance the performance of your engine—extending the life of your vehicle).

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