PetroTech 2000 Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What kind of savings can the average car driver expect?
A. Typically, the average driver will see approximately 5%-10% savings with PetroTech 2000.

Q. Will using PetroTech 2000 in my engine void the manufacturer’s warranty?
A. Not usually, but check your owner’s manual and the details of your exact warranty.

Q. How quickly will I see benefits?
A. If you follow directions on proper usage, adding the recommended engine treatment prior to adding the Petro Tech 2000, you should see immediate results.

Q. Do I need to add Petro Tech 2000 at every oil change?
A. No, just one time per year or every 25,000 miles.

Q. Is this treatment appropriate for use in other types of engines?
A. Yes. The benefits of using Petro Tech 2000 extend to diesel engines (tractors, buses, large trucks, large equipment) and all 2 and 4-cycle light equipment engines.




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